An outpouring!

by 3arn0wl

It was billed as an Epic:

  • one of those movies with dashingly handsome Arabian men and camels and a backdrop of the Sahara;
  • set in period,  yet with a lush film score,
  • where wisdom is downloaded from God to man.

In the event,  the Heavens opened alright,  and the outpouring of God’s benevolence resulted in a quagmire,  muddying the organiser’s vision of a Sunset Screening in the romantic pastures of a Summer meadow.

Nevertheless,  Felicity Weston vowed that The Show Must Go o-o-on,  come Hell or high water.

But the Bredy rose,  and the people cried off,  yea,  verily,  even Rosie Barriclough rolled up her carry mat and returned home in her 2CV,  to watch Dr. Who on the tele instead.  And Weston had to concede defeat in the face of the tempest,  and refund the ticket money.


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