Break out

by 3arn0wl

Much chaos ensued when a flock of sheep made a bid for freedom this morning, breaking out of Twenny Acre field, Little Sniffy, and onto Snodding Road.  As a consequence,  the 8:15, 2B Service from Chorley was severely delayed.

With no sign of help to hand, the clueless bus driver attempted to herd the sheep off the road and back into the field himself.  However, the more he gesticulated, the more disperse the flock became.

Granny Smith (75), who was on her way to Poppleton to change her library books, said “It was very funny actually – his technique of lunging for the sheep really didn’t work.  No sooner had he shepherded one sheep back into the field and turned round to grab another, than it escaped again!”

A long tailback of five cars soon built up, as commuters into Poppleton waited increasingly impatiently behind the bus.

Finally,  the combined efforts of the bus driver, a bank clerk, 2 shop assistants, and the local undertaker returned the sheep to the field.

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