Results Day

by 3arn0wl

Well, it’s a portentous day in Poppleton, as elsewhere.

The cricketers are poised to beat their Chorley rivals on the last day of the test – if they manage it, it’ll be the first time in a decade.  There’s renewed interest since they found their form – young and old alike making their way to the ground – full of anticipation. But the weather doesn’t look good, so it might end up a draw.

Jack Evans received the letter from the doctor’s earlier this morning – the results of the scan.  It sat unopened as he ate a slice of toast at the breakfast table.  He pretended to read his press Here – using it as a defence against the news.

Emily Appleby’s just done a pregnancy test – it turned blue.  She’s delighted of course,  but will her boyfriend be?

And then there are the 122 kids in their last year at Poppleton High – brimming with such potential.  They’re being launched into the next chapter of their lives with their GCSE results.  They’re hoping it’s not D-Day.

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