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The Biscuit Line Action Group met @ Lord Rupert’s last night.

A structural engineer has appraised the building work:

  • Tooting tunnel is sound;
  • the viaduct at Highgate is in good repair, except for the metal railings, which need replacing;
  • but the halts at Lower Snodding and Little Sniffy will need repaving to bring them up to standard.

Poppleton Council have offered the lease of the land to the company. The former stations at Chorley and Poppleton are now private residences though, which is a problem.

BLAGGERS secretary,  Gloria Moore née Devine,  announced that she had received an estimate for the re-laying of the line:  the preparatory excavation,  the foundations,  the sleepers and a single track between Poppleton and Chorley.

Phil Anyould’s said it will cost £30million.


Still, with £7.2 million already in the kitty,  at least they can make a start on it.


One Comment to “BLAGGERS”

  1. Station House,

    21st August, 2011

    Dear Mr. Moore,
    I read with interest that you hope to re-open the Biscuit Line.

    I am the current owner of the former station in Poppleton. I bought the property because I am a huge steam railway enthusiast, and I wanted to ensure that this pretty example of Victorian railway architecture was preserved.

    I would be most interested to discuss possible options, and perhaps take an active role in the project itself.

    Yours sincerely,

    Paul Stevenson

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