by 3arn0wl

A lorry has shed its load on the A440, jettisoning bales of hay and bowling the cars behind it like 10 pins.

The truck was carrying straw from Mister Bannister’s farm in Little Sniffy, when the straps broke and the huge, round bales spun off the trailer.

“They were like Barnes Wallis’s bouncing bombs coming at us,” a motorist following the lorry said. “We had to swerve to miss them.”

“The incident happened as the lorry was accelerating onto the Poppleton ring road at just after nine o’clock this morning,” police said.  “It was heading anti-clockwise.”

One lane has been closed and there are reports of long tail backs on the A4411 interchange into Poppleton.

The Highways Agency was at the scene by 10 a.m., bedding down the straw.

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