by 3arn0wl

up and away! Thousands, hundreds, lots of people got up early to see dozens of brightly coloured balloons taking off during the Chorley Balloon Fiesta this morning.  The most popular one seemed to be a huge,  flying pig.

Willy Lord’s been having a go at making Balloon Animals.  He’s only a beginner,  so Lord only knows what he’s trying to form.

Jonathan’s stripped his Russett coloured Fiesta right down,  and strapped loads of helium balloons to it – he was hoping to get to Flanders fields,  but only made it as far as twenny acres.

And one of the helium balloons set off by the Little Sniffy CofE Primary School,  has already got a reply. The message was for HarryGodwin’s Son.  It read:
“Change your socks.

Your father.”

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