The beautiful game

by 3arn0wl

As the Chorley Wanderers kick off the new season, new signing Ian, Waite

… takes pole position and Kyle is Left Right Back in the changing room as Sweeper.

Somewhat inexplicably the Wanderers got off to a decent start:

After a foul tackle, Waitey had to be stretchered off, leaving the team with no strikers. But The Boss considered that a good thing, on the whole.

There was some confusion late in the game however, as the lads thought Charlie Goodwin had put on a substitute mid-fielder. Turns out though that it was one of the University 11 come to retrieve a boundary from their match next door. Still, in his brief innings for the Wanderers, Ray Burns still managed to hat trick a score…

… and bowl a googly at the goalie’s middle stump. Ouch!

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