Biscuit baron dunks Beeching

by 3arn0wl

A consortium of steam enthusiasts headed by Roger Moore (No, not that one. Not that one either – the mogul behind Moore’s Biscuits) yesterday unveiled ambitious plans to reopen the Biscuit Line.

The group hopes to relay a single track between Chorley and Poppleton, along the original 20 mile route closed by Lord Beeching over 40 years ago. An operating company will then offer a limited daily service, connecting a number of satellite villages too.

Lord Rupert, 6th Bt. of Snodding seemed highly enthusiastic about the plans: “It will greatly reduce the journey time to Brussels and Parsnips,” he said. “I hope I get an invitation to ride on the footplate.”

A substantial amount of money will need to be raised however, making the Biscuit Line a long-term project.


One Comment to “Biscuit baron dunks Beeching”

  1. Crumbs, what a great idea!
    Chorley. Surely the biscuit company could bring out special edition tins of their Dorset Knobs for fund-raising purposes? I would buy some, anyway 🙂

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