E X C L U S I V E !

by 3arn0wl

press Here can announce that Poppleton has been selected as the primary location for a feature film.

Few details are available as yet,  but over a glass of chilled white in the Dew Drop Inn, one of the producers, Izzy Cannes (blonde, attractive, legs going right up…)  suggested that a whole host of A-list celebrities will be “Popping up in Poppleton over the next few weeks.”

Speculation has been at fever pitch,  but rumours that Harrison Ford or Arnold Schwartzenegger have starring roles have been flatly denied.

“It’s very exciting, isn’t it!” Tom Bell (26) enthused.

press Here can also reveal that consent has been given for filming the town hall, the fire station, and the band stand.  Geoff Miller’s windmill in Upper Snodding has also been named as a location,  as well as Moore’s biscuit factory in Chorley.

So, walking around Poppleton,  you never know who you’re going to bump into.


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