A new Discovery

by 3arn0wl

It’s been a busy week down on Cox’s Farm, Lower Snodding.

Ex-Grenedier, Crispin Mutsu, and former IT consultant Jonathan Macintosh, have been frantically picking and packing, and preparing to take their Delicious fruit to market.

Local expert, Granny Smith said “It’s bin a fantastic year. Oh yes. The warm weather early on was good for pollination, and the rain meant good fruit set. It’s the earliest I can remember ’em ripening, and I’ve bin at it for 35 year, you know”. “It’ll be good though, ‘cus it means we can ‘ave ’em right through ’til next May”, she added. Crispin confided that “Mollie’s Delicious” though, to be fair, that was after a number of glasses of Scrum-P.

Crispin and Jonathan joined the renaissance in 2006, when they took on Cox’s Farm. They planted numerous varieties, to ensure a crop of fruit throughout the season.

And off they go in their Russet coloured Fiesta – Greensleeves blasting out on the radio, and the windows wound down – to take their tomatoes to market to garner a Fortune.

There’ll certainly be a Gala when they return!


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