Court Report

by 3arn0wl

Cook Cakes, of Snodding Hall, Upper Snodding, was up in front of Justice of the Peace Percy McManners this week, accused of disturbing the peace.

Inspector Force, whilst passing the Village Hall in Little Sniffy on his way to the Flying Pig, caught Cook Cakes red-handed, lobbing fairy cakes at fellow members of the W.I..

The bun fight is said to have escalated from an argument over the best way to incorporate flour when baking cakes.

A visibly upset Cook Cakes pleaded guilty to the offence, citing provocation, and added that at least her buns were not rock cakes, like those of some she could mention in the village.

Acting as a character witness, Lord Rupert, owner of Snodding Hall, said, “It’s such a waste, Cook cooks some of the best buns in the County!”

Percy McManners ordered Cook Cakes to do Community Service, and banned her from attending any further W.I. meetings in the village.


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