An unexpected expedition

by 3arn0wl

There was all-round disappointment at Little Sniffy CofE Primary School recently, after Headmistress Mrs. M.P. Robinson, announced a trip to see the beetles.  The school secretary, Gloria Devine, couldn’t quite believe the interest in the venture, as members of the pupils’ extended families seemed unaccustomedly keen to join in!

Parents eagerly dug out their Dr. Pepper’s and started drinking copious amounts of it whilst listening to the White Album.

Grandparents got very excited, and began rummaging around that drawer in the kitchen where all the odd bits and bobs are kept, for a die they know they’ve got somewhere – they got it in a Christmas cracker that year that Great Aunt Mary had her bits done.

And the kids themselves, well they were all expecting a joy ride in Herbie.

So, a trip down Green Lane, lifting up stones and looking at the undersides of leaves, really didn’t do it for anyone.

Except for the Headmistress, who pronounced it “a great success”.

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