Confectura cras…

by 3arn0wl

Earlier this morning there was a multi vehicle incident on the road into Lower Snodding. Apparently a badling of ducks, in a suicidal manoeuvre, was waddling across the road from the village pond to peck at some Victoria sponge cake that had been crumbled up for them. This caused Angela Anyould of Glebe Farm, Little Sniffy, to do an emergency-stop on her Pashley Princess.

This in turn led Eddie Lowe, of Gawthrop Farm, to slam on the brakes of his pick-up, which meant that a rather precarious load of strawberries fell onto the road.

Hapless Lowe (38), who was on his way to the Farmers’ Market in Upper Snodding to sell his fruit, quipped, “A traffic JAM in Lower Snodding – that’s a first.”

Perhaps not paying as much attention as he might have, the milk tanker happened upon the incident at some speed and, breaking abruptly, managed to spill some cream at the scene. “There’s no point getting upset over it,” the driver observed, “..’. …. . ……!”

Look out for the recipe for Canard a la fraises in the Special Features section of our magazine.


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  1. Question 4. How much would you expect to pay for a 3 course set meal @ the Dew Drop Inn?

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