With rings on…

by 3arn0wl

Morris dancers received a less than warm reception at the Flying Pig, Little Sniffy last weekend.

The 9-man company arrived in the village, bedecked in full garb, and brandishing sticks. Accompanied by accordion and fiddle, they mesmerised their audience with a number of intricate steps.

Trouble arose however when the men went for a pint in the Flying Pig.  Concerned that the pub had no music license,  landlord,  Tim Panini,  told the Morris Men that they couldn’t come in with bells on,  as that constituted a performance of “experimental music”.

“I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous” the men grumbled “we always end up down the pub after a session – it’s kinda why we do it.”

Eventually sense prevailed however.  Since it was a warm and sunny day, the men enjoyed their fill of ale in the pub’s beer-garden.

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