Third Saturday of the month,

by 3arn0wl

so it must be auction day.

We’d been several times before of course, but never bought anything.  This time was different though – 2-w00 had her eye on a reasonably valued mahogany Edwardian desk.

So we picked up the catalogue and a bidding number, and went in;  minded to follow those two well-known pieces of sage advice:

  • Know how much you want to spend.

    It was definitely busier than usual, and the tension increased as the moment to bid approached. But three nods of the head and it was all over…

  • Only buy what you’ve gone there to buy.

    Oops. It could’ve been the rosewood flute – a bargain at £70 – £100, I’d say. Or the bone handled cutlery service that was given as a wedding present, but sadly never used. But no. It was the word press, sitting in the corner of the auction house, just waiting to be loved again – free to a good laptop. Who could resist?

Hmmm – how do you get a word press and an Edwardian desk into the back of a 205?


3 Responses to “Third Saturday of the month,”

  1. Brilliant – just brilliant! 🙂


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